Welcome to my website! I am a graduate student at the University of Connecticut pursuing my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. With my advisor, Dr. Crystal Park, I study how our worldviews–that is, our fundamental beliefs about ourselves and the world around us–change over time, and how these fundamental beliefs affect health and behavior. How do traumatic and stressful events affect the way we make sense of the world around us? Do our beliefs weather the trials and travails of life, or are our worldviews constantly changing? These are the questions that drive my research.

I am endlessly fascinated by the diversity of worldviews that people have, and the role that race, ethnicity, religion, and culture play in shaping those perspectives. Prior to my time in Connecticut, I assisted Dr. Jacqueline Mattis at New York University with her research on altruism in underserved communities and Dr. Joan Miller at the New School for Social Research with her research on cultural norms and values.

I hold a bachelor of fine arts in recorded music from New York University and a masters of arts in psychology from the New School for Social Research.