Ian Gutierrez for APAGS Chair-Elect 2016
Candidate Statement

Graduate students in psychology continue to struggle with educational debt, insufficient research support, poor working conditions, and the ongoing internship crisis. These issues are complex, but I am confident that solutions to these challenges can be found through collective action in APAGS. My zeal for graduate student advocacy, and the support of my colleagues within APA, have inspired my candidacy to serve as your next APAGS chair-elect.

The passion that students bring to their work as clinicians, researchers, and teachers drives my commitment to student advocacy. As a student in clinical psychology at the University of Connecticut, I have served as an officer in graduate student government; represented teaching and research assistants as a member of the bargaining committee of my university’s graduate employee union; supported graduate student research as a member of the APAGS Science Committee; and, alongside colleagues in APAGS, lobbied congress to increase funding for pre-doctoral internships. In these roles, I have fought for affordable student healthcare, fair workplace practices for graduate assistants, and funding for pre-doctoral training in clinical work, research, and teaching.

If elected, I will pursue the following initiatives:

  • Internship Crisis: I will support APAGS’s ongoing initiatives to address the internship crisis, hasten the accreditation of quality training sites, and lower application costs.
  • Training in Integrative Care Settings: I share APA president-elect Susan McDaniel’s commitment to integrative care, and will work with Dr. McDaniel to create new pre-doctoral training opportunities in medical and primary care settings.
  • Graduate Labor Rights: I will advocate for the recognition of student employee rights and a standard of living for graduate assistants and instructors in psychology.
  • Student Debt: I will assist APA’s efforts to lobby congress for federal loan forgiveness programs and educational loan interest rate reductions.

Thank you for your support!