Internship Crisis

The internship crisis—that is, the shortage of available APA-accredited internship sites for advanced graduate students entering into the pre-doctoral APPIC match system—remains the most pressing challenge facing APAGS and graduate education in psychology.  APAGS has made a concerted effort to raise awareness about the impact of the internship crisis on our field, and APAGS’s Internship Crisis webpage provides a wealth of information about the nature of the crisis. Our current APAGS Chair, Emily Voelkel, in reviewing the latest APPIC match statistics, wrote a wonderful summary about the current state of affairs regarding the internship crisis and what APAGS is doing about it.

Everyone who is qualified to match for an APA-accredited internship should be able to find an APA-accredited internship, period. In addition, applying for an internship should not be an added expense for graduate students who live in limited incomes. As APAGS Chair, I will continue to support APAGS’s ongoing initiatives to address the internship crisis, such as advocating for medicaid reimbursement for internship stipends, reduced APPIC application fees, and the provision of funds by APA to hasten the accreditation of meritorious internship sites. In line with my initiative to advocate for integrative care training, I would especially like to see an APA-led effort to provide funding for sites who wish to provide internship opportunities to graduate students working on comprehensive care teams in primary care settings. APAGS needs to continue to press our representatives on capitol hill to provide additional support for the Graduate Psychology Education Program as well, which provides critical funding to support APA-accredited internships for students working with underserved populations. By working together, I am confident that APAGS will continue to make progress in mitigating the internship crisis and creating new APA-accredited internship sites for graduate students in psychology.


Letter from Connecticut Rep. Joe Courtney expressing his support for the Graduate Psychology Education Program.