Student Debt

Student debt is out of control. Americans carry a combined educational debt burden in excess of one trillion dollars. Research by APA showed that the average doctorate in psychology in 2007 had $40,000 in educational debt—a figure which has no doubt increased in the intervening eight years. Fortunately, APAGS has made addressing student debt a central focus of its mission. APAGS continues to provide resources for help graduate students make informed decisions about financing their education and paying down debts carried over from college.

As APAGS Chair, I will continue to support APAGS’s efforts to draw attention to the student debt crisis both within APA and on capitol hill. While we share this problem with many other students in other professional fields, I believe that APAGS still has a responsibility to do its part to help graduate students free themselves from burdensome educational debts. Towards this end, I would like to see the implementation of loan assistance programs within APA, whereby students who devote their time to serving our profession could be repaid for their work advancing the mission of APA. Such a program would offer yet another way in which graduate students in psychology might pay off educational debt.